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unique opportunity to benefit from a professional managerial competency assessment and get an individual feedback session!

We help Leaders achieve their peak performance!

We are international full-service consultants in HR and Management with a strong sense of tradition. For more than 40 years, we have combined a fair and respectful approach with high psychological standards. HILL applies its own methods from years of R&D and a large number of experts in business psychology. 

 We are represented by 50 offices in more than 30 countries all over the world. Our comprehensive network can ensure a timely and economical handling of your orders in 28 languages! 

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"Thank you for yesterday‘s feedback session! It felt like someone was reading the book of my professional life. I am immensely impressed by the accuracy of this assessment, the deep feeling and the feedback session itself!"

Indrė Kaspariūnienė, Senamiesčio svečių namai [Oldtown Guest House]

"Once again, thank you for the complete presentation and explanation of the results of my assessment. I was impressed by your detailed explanations of the results, the accuracy of the results and the relevance to my inner convictions. In my opinion, the test is very valuable, because the carefully selected questions and/or statements make it possible to identify person’s present traits that are sometimes hidden by certain life circumstances."

Olga Lingaitienė, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai [Lithuanian Railways]

"The evaluation reveals a variety of different competencies - both personal and work-related. It's great that the test can be done with little breaks, so even being crazy-busy, it won’t really take too long.

But the most important thing is the feedback session. This was a very useful hour-long discussion, presenting the results of the test, the benefits of certain competences in different situations.

Although it was strange to hear that some of my daily actions require a lot of my energy and maybe I shouldn’t force myself so often to get the results, it was a "wow!" moment, when I wanted to just stop and think. I highly recommend this test, because it not only allows to remember something and to learn something new about yourself, but also gives you a moment to stop and think about others around you (maybe even strangers). However, I would absolutely recommend this test for any team to later share the results with the leader. The results can unexpectedly surprise and help to get closer to the core of the question "why a certain person behaves the way he does" and how to use it (in a good sense). When you combine all "whys", advantages, and risks, it becomes much easier to work together and achieve common goals. Do not miss the opportunity!"

Rūta Zabielaitė, Western Union

What participants say:

Your investment:

297 Eur + VAT for one manager's competency analysis, feedback session and written report. 

According to the company rules, results report and expertise are presented during an individual feedback session only. 

All information related to person's results is strictly confidential and will not be be disclosed to any third parties. 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Identify your key strengths, get clear directions to achieve your peak performance and become an even more effective leader and manager.

What do participants receive after filling in the analysis questionnaire?

• Individual feedback session with HILL expert (up to 1,5 hours).

• Individual results report.

• Individual expertise and recommendations.

According to the company rules, results report and expertise are presented during an individual feedback session only.

All information related to person's results is strictly confidential and will not be be disclosed to any third parties. 

Participation step by step:

  1. Press the button below and apply for participation.
  2. After having received your application, we will send you an invoice for prepayment. 
  3. After the payment we will email you a link to HILL Competency Analysis online questionnaire.
  4. It will take you approximately 1,5 hours to complete the questionnaire (modules: personality inventory, management style, effectiveness and concentration). No preparation is needed. You should complete the questionnaire in your native language. Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian and many other languages are available.
  5. After you submit the questionnaire, it might take us a few days to complete your individual report. We will contact you to arrange the time for individual feedback session (in English).
  6. During an individual feedback session (in English) HILL consultant will present your results, provide you with recommendations and answer your questions. It would take approximately up to 1,5 hours.

Competencies evaluated:

  1. Achievement / Result orientation:
    A person values achievements, aims to complete tasks quickly, pursues goals persistently. Motivates subordinates for top quality and long term achievement. Realizes major factors that determine long term success in organization.

  2. Relationship management and communication:
    A person establishes contact easily and develops relationships based on mutual trust. Demonstrates care for others, expresses his thoughts smoothly and clearly, creates a favorable environment for effective communication in team and organization.

  3. Leadership:
    A Person initiates and promotes change; develops his own leadership and management competencies and requires the same from others. Inspires people for outstanding performance and achievement. Leads by personal example, strengthens engagement and commitment to common goals.

  4. Teamwork and cooperation:
    A person is willing to cooperate, develops and strengthens team spirit, shares information effectively and is able to form effective teams.

  5. Management:
    A person organizes his own and others' time well; determines priorities and allocates resources effectively, is disciplined and demands discipline from others, creates clear team or organisational structure based on KPIs and accountability.

  6. Business acumen:
    A person is perfectly aware of cause and effect in business processes. He 
    achieves great work-life balance, maintains a stable emotional state even in tense situations, is capable of making optimal decisions and act effectively in even in highly stressful situations.

Example of Results

  • evaluating and optimizing your company's management and/or sales force for peak performance;
  • adapting competency evaluation tools and methods to your company management's functions or already existing competency models;
  • creating competency models for your organisation to achieve maximum value from investing in people; 
  • finding and selecting best people for your business in the Baltic countries.

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  • You will identify your strengths more clearly and optimize your priorities, responsibilities and tasks to increase your performance.
  • You will identify your highest potential areas for development and choose the most effective steps to become a better leader and manager.
  • You will increase awareness of reasons why something is not working the way you expect and find optimal ways to fix it.

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